India 2009: 3 Idiots Bollywood Film

This is most effective & successful Hindi Cinema release global. Statistics for the
Indian Box Office are notoriously sophisticate to the quality so I am simply quoting Screen international which places 3 Idiots at number six in the worldwide Box Office with $35 million after approx just ten days on release in 18 territories. Via


Really both are great BOLLYWOOD cinema actor and I think both actor in attach from film line before at least 60 years and this is professional line.

The first time see in hot DHARMENDRA and son on TV with a sunny DAYOL and DHARMENDRA cinema actor and Sunny DAYOL both are at this time ten of the Sony program will appear together in the breath.

And this show is being said that SALMAN and Sunny DAYOL cinema actor during the shooting of twerp DHARMENDRA is in association with DMAL enough.

It is really first time a DHARMENDRA with Sunny cinema actor and his eldest son will appear on a TV show.

Really very much like DHARMENDRA as SALMAN cinema actor and as sources of relationship of DHARMENDRA cinema actor and SALMAN Khan Father SALIM are also quite good and then later SALMAN also won with Sunny was the name of a movie.

Right now you will be surprised to learn that the SALMAN cinema actor both DHARMENDRA cinema actor and Sunny in his presents make the show what we think is very difficult.


This is best Indian cine actor AKSHAY Kumar and at this time is launches latest film KAMBAKTH ISHQ and he is I mean AKSHAY Kumar even if your body grow strong and are known for but stunts during the shooting of more than a few and I think feel he became nervous. Actually they were worried due to the Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallion and who watch with them in the film has come.

AKSHAY Kumar latest film KAMBAKTH ISHQ is ready to come on the screen with Hollywood and BOLLYWOOD stars. And especially for the promotion of the film AKSHAY Kumar and Sylvester Stallone arrived in New York to experience is work with a lot said.

He said, "I understand this before the shooting was that Sylvester Stallone is so large that the star will be less talk. But when I met him that he found very modest person, and we adjust very quickly - got. "

AKSHAY Kumar said, "I was too nervous while acting with him, but he did not let me feel that he is a very big star."

He said renewable Sylvester Stallone chat with Marin, my - talk about building your body and how different films at the time of the shooting both of them minor injuries.

Stallone in the film KLIFHANGER mention of knee injury and then came to his waist in the renewable injury came in the time.

Hollywood Cinema Pop star Michael Jackson

Hollywood cinema pop star MICHAEL JACKSON is really great and ambitious pop star and best dancer, but at this time he Hollywood cinema pop star MICHAEL JACKSON is not here because unfortunately to stop breathing after a complaint pursuant to local time Thursday afternoon around Paramedics his team was called at home in Los Angeles.

And the after they UKLA of the city was admitted to health centers but two hours later are doctors announced his death because create a heart attack.

News of the death of Hollywood cinema pop star MICHAEL JACKSON comes out of the hospital of the fan has started to feel to the world of message is coming.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman is said a personality like Michael Jackson in view of the suspicion of robbery and murder is being investigated but as yet has not found any such indications. And this is a Hollywood cinema pop star MICHAEL JACKSON in his music career in his family with the pop group the Jackson FAIV began.

And MICHAEL JACKSON were going to many show in London next month but slowly - slowly made their place in the area and John and Billy Sup hit bad as the music from the album has achieved international popularity. Via

Best Indian Cinema Actor JHOHRA SAGL

This is such a great and best Indian cinema Actor JHOHRA SAGL and representing best performance on Indian cinema such a great and cool JHOHRA SAGL.

And the Pakistani poet HFIJH JALNDHARI never have thought that they wrote a few lines of the world NJHM of every man for his strength and life BUJTI of age who will become the new philosophy of society in the last round is dependent on RHMO KARAM.

And the age of 97 across the stage I mean this is a senior dancer and actress in 1983 when Pakistan was JHOHRA SAGL with the HAFEEZ JALNDHARI NJHM of the same lines. Delhi Press Club last week off when India conducted a ceremony in his honor and the excitement was worth watching and twitter.

And this is a first jump to the bouquet and spoke loudly with a laugh and now they talk to people less than their mind, but if someone then JHOHRA SAGL is not easy to stop them. And they lives and we a travel long career of some aspects of a long conversation about which very few people know.
I was born in ROHILLA PATHAN family and I like to live my dreams of freedom were not. In my family and five BURKHA NMAJH time was important.

Weekend Cinema News: Small Producer SAF Ali Khan Duke

SAF Ali Khan is a best Indian actor and this is a cool BOLLYWOOD actor in Indian cinema and this cinema actor SAF Ali Khan with actor now but at this time he is a small producer has become.

And prods his Indian cinema film was Love Today is going to be released soon and this is a latest in Mumbai the film was a conference Press.

And Indian cinema actor just like heroine of the film and SAF Ali Khan DEEPIKA PADUKONE and the media and including the questions given and the film director IMTIAJH Ali on the occasion were also present.

To be a producer on the question of SAF Ali Khan said that the experience is good for me and I am happy that I got a good partner. Being a producer is the responsibility of the director but I have already told me that the only artist to be more on his performance.

And when the director IMTIAJH there he was asked to KAREENA in the film and then why not answer them that KAREENA was not fit for the role were BATTIN and I think SAF is follow good and brilliant future in Indian cinema producer.


SHILPA SHETTY is a best BOLLOWOOD cinema actor looking nice in behavior and I think she is not proudly so I can say today you meet are a big star and what do you like what people imagine about whether you can not reach the top and your achievement are a slap on their face?

And SHILPA SHETTY best cinema actor is said I am grateful to the audience who I have always loved so much and any negative thoughts in my mind in the situation do not and I think that I have whatever success.

I do not say that I did not succeed and my first film was a hit Platinum Jubilee from there my journey was very pleasant.

And I believe that time is everything and whatever success I have got international recognition and I have got to feel for him I had to go through bad times and if I do not pass through that then I do not know the price of success seems to be.

And I believe that time is everything and whatever success I have got international recognition and I have got to feel for him I had to go through the bad times.